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Infobox image syntax編集

Is there an Japanese Wikipedia equivalent to English Wikipedia's en:WP:THUMBSIZE or en:WP:IBI page? On English Wikipedia it's pretty much common practice not to use the thumbnail syntax for infobox images because the most infobox templates and the Wikipedia software will automatically format the size of the infobox image based upon the device the reader is using. In addition, it also makes it easier for screen reader to "read" to infobox image's caption when the caption parameter is used because a thumbnail image typically requires an "alt_text" parameter be provided for thumbnail images whereas the infobox caption parameter doesn't and can be read by screen readers. Maybe the software and templates used for Japanese Wikipedia work differently, however, based upon this post here. Anyway, just curious for my own benefit. -- Marchjuly会話) 2019年11月19日 (火) 14:27 (UTC)[]

The relevant policy for the Japanese version of Wikipedia is as shown on this page. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[]
Reopening - this does not answer Marchjuly's question. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[]

Korean version of airline accident report from Japanese government agency?編集

I notice page 44 (PDF p. 25) of this page on the MLIT website states "Distribution of Korean version of HL7762 HIJ accident investigation report to flight crew"

Where is this Korean version of the report located, and how do I obtain it? I only see English and Japanese listed on the English MLIT accident report list page.

It would be good for the Korean Wikipedia article ko:아시아나항공 162편 착륙 사고 WhisperToMe会話) 2020年6月9日 (火) 20:16 (UTC)[]

Regarding your question, I also searched for it, but unfortunately I could not find the Korean version. Korean version may not be published on the internet. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[]
The question is not resolved; although @WhisperToMe: you might be better off asking this on Korean Wikipedia. This probably requires a search using Korean keywords, not in Japanese. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[]

Enquiry photos for ARTIZON MUSEUM Interior編集

The article アーティゾン美術館don't have any photos inside the gallery. Hope someone can upload the photos of the museum. The picture angle and reference can see here--Wpcpey会話) 2020年10月24日 (土) 11:19 (UTC)[]

The article has been updated. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[]
No, the article is not updated. Please do not put {{Section resolved}} unless the query is really resolved. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[]

Spk-digital is offline編集

The portal Spk-digital is offline. The Template:Spk-digital is only used by 7 articles and can be deleted. I've removed the dead links but a user undid my edits [1] and changed the link from to[2] This is a different website that produces different results. On Template‐ノート:Spk-digital I've got no answer. Can someone please make a request for speedy deletion? Thanks --Kolja21会話) 2021年2月7日 (日) 14:08 (UTC)[]

The relevant policy for the Japanese version of Wikipedia is as shown on this page. Thank you for your comment. -- 2021年4月8日 (木) 15:22 (UTC)[]
Reopening as the answer above does not address the question. ネイ会話) 2021年4月9日 (金) 11:21 (UTC)[]

Restoring InternetArchiveBot編集

I am working with the Internet Archive as a contractor on managing User:InternetArchiveBot's deployments across the different Wikimedia projects and language editions. InternetArchiveBot fixes dead links on Wikipedia articles and adds links for offline resources, namely books.

My understanding is that InternetArchiveBot is currently blocked here for a few reasons, including (1) high rate of live links being mistakenly treated as dead (2) editing above the rate limit and (3) users invoking the bot directly causing the bot to go above the rate limit. I am working on fixing all of these problems so that the bot can resume operation on Japanese Wikipedia. We are deploying a link checking server in Tokyo that will be able to check the alive/dead status of websites not accessible outside of Japan. We have also made improvement that will better ensure compliance with rate limits.

Your help is requested. So that I can test the performance of the new Tokyo link checker, I would like a list of URLs, working and not-working, for websites based in Japan. I am especially interested in ones that you know do not work outside of Japan. This will help us assess the bot's performance.

Thank you very much for your assistance. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Harej会話) 2021年2月17日 (水) 01:52 (UTC)[]

Someone abusing dynamic IPs and open proxies/VPNs編集


I'd like to let you know that someone is abusing Softbank's dynamic IPs and open proxies/VPNs to make bad/questionable edits or give the impression that there are several different people in a discussion ([3][4]) or in an edit war ([5]).

I first stumble upon this person on frwiki where he added the equivalent of {{更新}} on different linguistic versions of a Wikipedia article without explaining why ([6][7][8]), I found out that he was particularly active on jawiki where he added {{出典の明記}} and {{更新}} on every article he stumbled into, I didn't go any further, leaving it to the jawiki community.

One month later I find the same person on Commons, with a Softbank IP, making bogus speedy requests (see list), I go take a look at his contributions on jawiki, and here I see the same pattern, adding {{出典の明記}} and {{更新}} everywhere (including well-sourced articles), but also some bad/questionable edits:

  • Moves by copy-pasting (コピペ移動): [9][10][11][12] (the last two seems to be linked to [13])
  • Changing the target of redirects to the wrong page: [14]
  • Blanking templates and redirecting them to another template that work differently (and break articles): [15][16]
  • Removing furigana/yomigana: [17][18][19]
  • Replacing Japanese quotes for artworks by italics: [20]
  • Removing quotes from a citation: [21]
  • Blanking articles of youtubers he doesn't like (and then goes on Commons asking deletion of the pictures with a fake reason): [22][23][24][25]
  • Puts the wrong English translation or removes it completely: [26][27]
  • Adds ruby on English translations: [28]
  • Removes jawiki article from Wikidata and empty the item: [29][30][31]
  • Pure vandalism: [32][33] (same IP range: 2a0c:3ac0::/48)
  • etc.

Those are the examples I could gather, I made a list of his IPs here if you want to take a look.

I don't know if he's a known LTA or a new one, but something needs to be done.

Kind regards, --Thibaut会話) 2021年4月1日 (木) 19:10 (UTC)[]

I blocked the open proxies or VPNs locally, if they are not globally blocked already.--ネイ会話) 2021年4月2日 (金) 06:53 (UTC)[]
Thank you ネイ, he’s back with another proxy/VPN: IP:2605:6440::/32会話 / 投稿記録. --Thibaut会話) 2021年9月4日 (土) 23:46 (UTC)[]

Cross wiki spam abuses by sockpuppets編集

Hello. I'd like to let you know that several pages on ja.wikipedia are the target of sockpuppets bannished on fr.wikipedia for spam and insertion of false materials (texts and legend of images). The sockpuppets are listed on meta.

Kind regards. --Pa2chant.bis会話) 2021年4月20日 (火) 05:55 (UTC)[]

Request if there are sources about Yukari Kanasawa編集

On ENWIKI there is an articles for deletion request regarding Yukari Kanasawa (金澤ゆかり) as the editors are having trouble finding sources about her. Is anyone interested in checking for Japanese sources?

Thank you--WhisperToMe会話) 2021年7月25日 (日) 17:52 (UTC)[]

プラズマクラスター - ポーランド語版ウィキペディアから必要なヘルプ:疑似科学編集

まず第一に:ここで英語を使ってすみません:私は日本語を勉強しましたが、非常に基本的なレベルです。 そしてずっと前に。 I come from Polish wiki here. See my cross-wiki request in this article Discussion - please ping me back if anyone else may help with these sources. Zezen会話) 2021年7月26日 (月) 13:20 (UTC)[]

Cross Wikipedia promotion and sock puppets for Prix Versailles編集

An investigation has found that articles on Prix Versailles ベルサイユ賞 and related subjects were the subject of a coordinated campaign of promotion, over several years and sixteen languages, involving numerous sock puppets and probably paid editing. Ten active and six older accounts were identified. Related subjects include Purple economy 紫の経済 and Cultural footprint 文化痕跡. If you have any questions or comments please reply here or post them at the Cross-Wikipedia section of the en Wikipedia discussion.


ベルサイユ賞 is deleted after AFD. 文化痕跡 appears to be similar in content to the enwiki counterpart. 紫の経済 has a Template:Undisclosed paid in the enwiki counterpart but not much action is taken there so far. ネイ会話) 2021年8月21日 (土) 04:14 (UTC)[]
ネイ, thank you for investigating the articles linked to Prix Versailles. I have now nominated en:Purple economy and en:Cultural footprint for deletion. I had not done so previously as I wanted to inform all the Wikipedias with Prix Versailles articles first. Please can you ping me if you respond as I have posted similar messages on 14 different Wikipedias. You could also post at

Large number編集

Hi! Do some Japanese media group large numbers in both kanji (oku, man etc.) and the thousands separator? Just like "40 oku 1,333 man 7,600" or "4,0 oku 13,33 man 7,600". --Jackson 1794会話) 2021年8月7日 (土) 17:32 (UTC)[]

No, they do not. See [36]. But there are exceptions. See [37].--Lmkjgmo会話) 2021年8月7日 (土) 23:27 (UTC). --Lmkjgmo会話) 2021年8月7日 (土) 23:48 (UTC)[]

Request for comment notification編集

Here is a link to a RFC on Meta concerning all Wikimedia projects. Best, Lionel Scheepmans会話) 2021年8月17日 (火) 00:57 (UTC)[]

ユニバーサル行動規範(UCoC)- 執行ガイドラインの草案編集

ユニバーサル行動規範のフェーズ2起草委員会は、ユニバーサル行動規範(UCoC) に対する執行ガイドラインの草案に関してコメントすることを望んでいます。このレビュー期間は、2021年8月17日から開始される予定です。




Wikimania 2021セッション - 8月16日 11:00 UTC~11:45 UTC(協定世界時
対話時間 - 8月24日、8月31日、9月7日 03:00 UTCおよび14:00 UTC
円卓会議の招集 - 9月18日 03:00 UTCおよび15:00 UTC




Hello, The translation was provided by volunteer members. Please participate the consultation at m:Talk:Universal Code of Conduct/Enforcement draft guidelines review/ja (you can participate in Japanese) or organize the discussion on Japanese Wikipedia. Also, please spread about this review process to your peers. Thank you!--YKo (WMF)会話) 2021年8月18日 (水) 03:49 (UTC)[]

Discussion tools update編集

Hello, all. I have good news about the mw:Talk pages project.  あなたの言語への翻訳をお助けください.

  • If you have enabled "議論ツール" in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-betafeatures, you will get a new feature.  The new feature adds a [更新を通知] button to each ==Level 2 section== on a talk page.  If you subscribe to the section, then you will get Special:Notifications if someone adds a new comment to that section (but not if they fix typos or edit other parts of the page).  This can be very helpful on busy pages, especially if you only want to follow one conversations.  Please try it out and share your thoughts at mw:Talk:Talk pages project/Notifications.

These changes are currently scheduled for Wednesday, 25 August, probably around 23:00 UTC.  Please let me know if you have any questions.--Whatamidoing (WMF)会話) 2021年8月20日 (金) 17:17 (UTC)[]

The mw:Talk pages project/Replying deployment has been delayed. It should happen next week instead. I apologize for the delay. The subscriptions part is already available in Beta Features.--Whatamidoing (WMF)会話) 2021年8月27日 (金) 17:10 (UTC)[]